Life . . .

What is the reason for life?

What is the life of man and The Life of GOD?

How did the two connect or relate to one another?

What is the glory of GOD and how is it important to man?

These questions can be simply answered by defining the Glory of GOD as the situation whereby the life of man is defined by [or aligns with] The Life of GOD . . . When the essence of man mirrors the express essence of GOD both in image and in likeness.

The Spirit of GOD is the umpire that facilitates the sync between man and GOD but it is a union that will render the man ‘useless’ to the world he comes from.

Of what value is the life of man then, if he is not yet connected to GOD through CHRIST as directed by The HOLY SPIRIT? To the world I would seem to be alive but to GOD, I am as good as DEAD.

The solution to the life of man is The Life GOD offers . . . The Life that makes HIM who HE is!

The reason for life as designed in the BEGINNING is still the reason GOD is offering HIS Life to us in this present time even till the END.

Peace To The Wise!


Work . . . Don’t Worry!

Nehemiah 4: 1-2, 6

Our mind has the power to make our decisions take possession of our lives. So when a man set his mind on GODly (evidently noble) things, everything else pertaining to him begins to mirror these things. His/her life will function based on the priorities placed on the mind.

So when a man put his mind to worry all the time, everything around him begins to wear him down because he has set his mind to deliberately weigh itself down. But when a man put his mind to noble works, his mind begins to replenish itself and everything around him including his mind begins to function well.

So when you put your mind to work, make sure it is for the GODly things that confers blessings to the people and the environment. Worrying is dangerous but working for wrong reasons is far more dangerous.

Even when at work, there are people or circumstances that would try to ‘seed’ worry into your mind/heart. The counter measure is to keep on putting the mind to working out the positivities/solutions GOD has bestowed upon your heart.

Peace To The Wise!

Danger of Alternatives

We always attribute our uniqueness to the power of choice and tendency to think. We even acknowledge and commend GOD for these gifts of choice and thoughts.

As wonderful as thoughts and choices are, they always pose to be what makes us rebel against GOD. Many assume that HE would not tell them to do what does not make sense and many think that HE has given us the liberty to shape our lives the way we desire . . .

With these assumptions, whenever HE brings HIS certainty before us that we may accept it and walk therein, our choices and thinking capacities give way to other possibilities that either negate or provide other versions of the certainty HE has tendered before us. This is the danger of alternatives . . .

The struggle is not really between GOD and satan but between GOD and man as satan only shows up when we tend to choose contrary to GOD’s certainty. satan only rides on the alternatives we choose at the expense of GOD’s certainty.

Why then did GOD give us these gifts of choices and thoughts . . . ? They seem useless if we are to depend on HIM for everything! But the answer goes does: it is also by the same power of choice that we must choose to have no choice other than to accept the certainty HE offers. It is by the same power of thoughts that we must think in the light of the certainty HE has shown us in the beginning . . .

It is only when we exercise the power of choice and thought based on HIS certainty that the power/gift of faith will be evident in our lives. The danger of alternatives is that it causes faithlessness!

Peace To The Wise!