04 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Result and Truth

Daniel 1: 15 – 21

It is contradictory to realize that what Babylon offered so that it could make Daniel and his friends worthy to stand before kings was not the things that qualified them. The hard truth is that Babylon is no one’s friend – it caters for itself and nothing more! The choicest wine and food was to make the eaters and drunkards dull in spirit and loose focus of what is true and acceptable.

The choicest wine and food was not to make them understood the language and ways of Babylon, it was not meant to make them accept the ways of Babylon as the only way. Because Daniel chose the ways of the LORD, he knew the Way of the LORD by acceptance and understood the ways of Babylon enough to reject it and protect himself from belongs swayed by it in the possible future.

GOD granted them understanding even though they did not accept the culture of Babylon. They received understanding and power needed to navigate their way through the tide instead of allowing it to take them to the destination GOD detests.

In reality, the wave of the world started from GOD just as the devil was with GOD before the beginning of the world. The devil started this wave when he tricked Adam through Eve and since then, the wave is moving farther and farther away from GOD till it ultimately ends in death. To move smoothly (never without opposition) through this wave back to GOD, our strength must be sourced from the word of GOD that is our unchanging Law!




02 | OF ZION, IN BABYLON: Food and Language

Daniel 1: 3 – 8

 Just like JESUS, Daniel would not let the hunger for food and exotics take him away from GOD. Daniel was captured from Jerusalem and taken to Babylon just as we are born into this world but GOD desires that we triumph over this world of sin by righteousness. And this was what Daniel kept in his heart from his time in Babylon till his dying days.

Babylon is not without its wisdom and cleverness but CHRIST in us is the embodiment of GOD’s Wisdom that is True and Pure. Babylonian system knew of a fact that what changes a man quickly is food and language. Food, being what opens him up to accept what the food bringer is about to offer next; and language and literature when taught strategically, tend to change the person of the learner. It goes beyond curing ignorance to changing the behaviour and way of life of the person.

The most effective of attacks or assaults are the ones the victims accept or succumb to willingly. Just like CHRIST, Daniel’s delight was not in the choice and exotic food and wine of Babylon but in the Word of GOD. Even though he missed the noble and royal food of Judah/Jerusalem, the Word of GOD was his most cherished delicacy and means of communicating to/with the world.

So his decision was to avoid cultural change and stick with the Kingdom culture by making The KING’s Law is delight after all, he was a custodian of the same Law just as we all are as believers in this end time.




There are three things among other things that GOD cherishes in our relationship and work with HIM. If these three things are taking seriously at heart, our relationship and work with GOD will be inseparable.

As the KING, GOD has a Kingdom and a Kingdom cannot function without Laws that would guide and inform the Kingdom’s purpose of existence. So, if The Kingdom and Law are the elements of ruling the hearts of men, what is the need for Faith? How helpful is Faith to the KING and HIS people?


Generally, the law can be a set of instructions written in order to guide a system for the purpose of functioning according to design. This means that law does not create a Kingdom but guides to function according to the Creator. There would always be satisfaction if the Kingdom is always functioning as it needs to function and even though the Kingdom is not created by the law, they must equally emerge from the same source.

In ancient times, it is often said that the king is the law i.e. Whatever the king declares stands as the law people should live by. In the Kingdom of the LORD, the Word of GOD is the Law because HE is what HE says and the Spirit from which the Words HE speaks from is the embodiment of HIS kingdom. According to the Holy Bible, the summary of the Kingdom of the LORD is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. This means that whoever is living in the reality of the Kingdom of the LORD, these three things must be his reality and this can only be possible if the Laws of the KING are being kept sincerely and cheerfully.


According to the book of Hebrew, Faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of the things not seen . . . So how does Faith relates to the Kingdom of the LORD and the Laws governing it?

From the Scriptures, it is evident that:

1. Law of GOD = HIS Word
2. Word of GOD = HIS person or Who HE is
>>>Therefore, The Law of GOD = GOD HIMSELF


1. Kingdom of GOD: King’s Domain
2. Domain: Everything was made by HIS Word

This means that whatever we see and not see i.e. whatever we know to be existing and the ones we are not aware of their existence were made by GOD’s Word. They are all from GOD. “The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof . . .”

So, GOD asking us to have Faith is a way of saying that:

“I am My Word and My Word is Law; My Kingdom is a part of Me that I have spread in the hearts of My people on earth and even upon the earth itself. My Kingdom and My Law are both products of My Spirit. Can you just obey ME when I say a word to you in form of a command? Since I am the Law and you have accepted this same Law, can you just do things only because I say so even though it may not make sense in the immediate?”

If GOD speaks and HIS words become law and everything we see are products of the same words, it means there is more to GOD that can only be accessed through a relationship with HIS person. Faith is more of our relationship with the KING that founded the Kingdom and made the Law . . . If we accept the person of GOD and HIS Son JESUS CHRIST, then the Law would be natural to live by and the Kingdom will be our abode even as HE abides in us.

Faith is allowing GOD to live out HIS Kingdom and Laws from our within . . . Selah!


Life is a School

Many students talk about life after school; about what life holds for them after being tutored for some particular number of years.

In my own life after school, I have found out that life itself is a school and what we generally refer to as school is part of life which is the ultimate learning environment.

Whatever we learn in school are like windows for each student to picture the reality of what life is all about . . . For example, as Law is studied or practiced for the purpose of restoring/maintaining peace and order in a society, Medicine is also studied or practiced for the purpose of restoring/maintaining peace and order in the biological system of man.

Whatever we learn in our different fields of study can be applied to issues of life by means of extrapolation. Every body is a philosopher if we all observe diligently.

We must also know that education is about who we become rather than what we have or become. And in the education that life proffers, there are things/issues that are non-negotiable if we want to be what we are made to be.

Let us take a journey into the subjects-courses of life:

1. Law and Responsibility: Matthew 11: 28-30

Whenever there is law, responsibilities must be taken up by people to uphold the law. Now that you are alive (accepted the Law of life). what is/are your responsibility(ies) for being alive?

CHRIST can give you HIS Law and Responsibility. HE will give you your own little piece of bread out of the whole lump.

2. Probability and Potentiality: Matthew13:8; Genesis 2:15-17

A man of responsibility would soon discover what he is supposed to do to uphold the Law of life . . . Very soon he would leave the realm of probability to that if potentiality. The individual would have passed from asking “is this right or wrong for me?”, “Do I need to venture into this business or not?” to “How well things should be done”

3. Emotion and Intelligence: Matthew22:36-40; Psalms 19:7a

Emotion deals with what you feel while intelligence deals with you think based on how you feel . . . The two elements are from the same source – The Soul but many times we have been taught to believe that they work separately and indecently if each other.

Productivity of one’s responsibility depends on how well he can process the information (emotion) he revives from the environment for the benefit of people around him – and that is intelligence.

If our works would have life i.e function to solve genuine problems, the two must work together. And for our works to have eternal value and solve genuine problems that only GOD has answers to, we must let HIS Word determine what we feel and what we think.

4. Compassion and Resources: Matthew 14:14; Matthew 15:32

A passionate heart does things because he loves to but a compassionate heart is given to how well his passion has helped others. A compassionate heart is given to feedback . . .

It is the willingness to actually affect lives that naturally gives way to opened doors of resources but the ability to administer these rightly will show how compassionate we really are . . . This means that after we must have found reason to live, are we passionate or compassionate about it? Are we discovering ourselves just to improve ourselves only or to improve lives of people around us?

5. Possessors and Possessions: Matthew 19:16-22

A possessed man is not only a man that is possessed by someone or something; he is also a man who possesses someone or something. If we claim and boast of possessions that we possess, we must also know that these possessions are also our possessors. As we gain control of things and people, they will in turn shape our thoughts and manners.

What we must possess is not a matter of what but who. And this possession is the Life we discovered in CHRIST from the beginning. The moment we choose something to pursue or seek, the same thing becomes what would determine how our life goes . . .

6. Prodigy and Pedigree: Matthew7:21-27; Genesis1:26-27

Prodigy has to do with having exceptional skills and abilities while pedigree is defined as one’s lineage or the record of what a man has accompanies hand how he accomplished them.

Whatever pedigree a man has from himself all started with his prodigy. Pedigree would be a record of how well he has used his innate abilities or acquired skills.

When all is said and done, and we are are faced with the test of times, then we would know those who have lived a lie or truth. Whenever our experiences are collated and summed up together, it would be said if all our prodigies foster are lies or truth!

7. Salt and Light: Matthew5:13-16; Matthew6:30-33

Many people would probably ask “How can all these things be?”. It all seems complicated . . . Some might think. But in the contrary, they can all be summed into two realms: salt and light!

The salt realm of life begins when the little you know or have us adding value to another man’s life in pursuit of his purpose. Even though you seem unnoticeable, your input is key in the person’s attainment of a particular thing.

This starts from solving people’s problem even when you are not getting credit for is as you should. In this realm, you will feel used and unnoticed sometimes but such is life . . .

As you begin to gather strength to move into the realm of shining your light, your shining would not cause discomforting glare in people’s eyes. As you eventually shine, they ready have light bearers who they have encountered during your time in the salt realm. These people be the ones to bear your light before people without necessarily decreasing your intensity.

* * *

Whatever we are meant to be is already defined in GOD. The ultimate education is our walk with GOD in order to attain the life HE has purposes for us.

Find GOD! HE is the only ONE who knows what you are here to do and who you are here to become!

Peace To The Wise!

Yoke and Burden

In Matthew 11: 28, JESUS was talking about giving us rest. But HE made it clear that the rest HE promised can only be attained if we accept HIS yoke and burden.

What then is the yoke and what is the burden?

When two animals are yoked together, it is for the purpose of doing a defined work on the field. And for this work to be a success, both animals must agree.

In any system, there is always yoke and burden in form of laws and responsibilities. If you accept the laws (yoke) of Nigeria, the question would be what are your responsibilities in the confines of these laws? Are you fulfilling the laws as a lawyer or as a banker or engineer? What makes you a bona fide citizen or a patriot is your role in enforcing these laws according to your profession or engagements.

The same goes for our lives in CHRIST! The Law of The Spirit is what yokes us with CHRIST and the responsibilities (purpose) assigned to us in order to enforce this Law on earth are the burdens. The question every one must ask is now that I am yoked with CHRIST, what is my burden? What am I meant to carry? What am I saved to do?!

JESUS was not going to save us from the yoke and burden of pharaoh/egypt just to be dormant in HIM/Canaan. What He said was that the kind of yoke and burden HE has in mind for us in Canaan is rest compared to what pharaoh is offering in egypt.

Yoking with CHRIST and carrying HIS burden do not guarantee our rest if we are not submissive to HIM.

Since HE is the ‘Strong One’, most of the burdens would be carried by HIM so the burden is LIGHT!

Since HE is the ‘Strong One’, moving while HE is staying and staying while HE is moving would only cause damage to us (‘weak ones’). The yoke will only be EASY if we do exactly what HE does!

Peace To The Wise!